Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chandanalepa Sugandham-Vadakkan Veera Gaadha

Music director Ravi or Bombay Ravi as he is know in the south, is one of the very few stalwarts of Hindi film music who is alive today. He has given innumerable hits in Bollywood in the 60's and the 70's and even 80's like Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1960), Do Badan (1966), Humraaz (1967), Ankhen (1968), and Nikaah (1982). He won Filmfare awards for Gharana(1961) and Khandaan (1965). His other successful films include Waqt, Neel Kamal and Gumraah. He was instrumental in shaping the career of Mahendra Kapoor who died recently.
In the 80's he started composing for Malayalam films, became a big success there and thereafter has been a regular composer for director Hariharan. Every film for which he has composed music right from Panchagni has been a super hit. Some of them were Nakhakshatangal, Sargam, Vaishali, Five Star Hospital, etc. Today I present one of his super hit songs from Oru Vadakkan Veera Gaadha.

Song: Chandanalepa Sugandham
Film: Oru Vadakkan Veera Gaadha
Music Director: Ravi Bombay
Original Singer: K.J Yesudas
Lyrics: K Jayakumar (I.A.S)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poove Semboove-An alltime classic by Illaiyaraja

After a long layoff from the blogging world due to the shocking death of my dearest friend Philip and then a bad viral fever which gave me a long lasting cough and sinusitis, I am back again.
This song has been one of my favorites all along since I heard it in the 80's. Even though the picturisation of this song was atrocious in the film, the song has lived through the ages due to the sheer compositional brilliance of Illayaraja, touching lyrics by Vaali and the mesmerising voice of K.J Yesudas!
I would like to thank my Muziboo friend Kumar Srinivasan for sharing the Karaoke track with me.

Song: Poove Semboove
Film:Solla Thudikuthu Manasu (1988)
Singer: K.J Yesudas
Music Director: Illaiyaraja
Lyrics: Vaali
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