Friday, March 20, 2009

Guzarish-Ghajini-A.R Rahman

It's been quite a long time since I posted a song here. It's always the latest songs that attract the young and I should say that singing songs of this generation do challenge you at times. It's not to prove any point but sometimes it's fascinating to try different songs that you are not supposed to sing or your audience and yourself have made you think so. This is one such song that caught my attention recently. Getting good karaoke tracks for latest songs are sometimes very difficult. The ones mostly available with the N-364 kind of keyboard tones are un-inspiring at times. So I had to tinker with the original a little to get the main voice of this song subdued. Then I had to play with the equalizer a little to even out the track. Here is the result.
Sonu Nigaam's humming in this song gives the life to the backing track, so I believe that it cannot be replaced with any other voice. Well Sonu's loss in not being able to sing the full song has been Javed Ali's gain. The song has become a chart buster!
Song: Guzarish
Film: Ghajini
Singer: Javed Ali (Humming parts by Sonu Nigaam)
Music: A.R Rahman
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi

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