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New Series on Ravindran Posted

Sunday, July 09, 2006
I have posted many new songs on my Music Blog. Have a look.
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Sachin Kaitharam's Tragic End!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Today I woke up to hear about a terrible Car accident which resulted in the tragic death of my friend & upcoming music director and talented Flute Player Sachin Kaitharam. He was travelling from Trivandrum to Ernakulam after a program with Jassie Gift. Jassie's manager was driving the Scorpio and they picked up Sachin from a bus stop where he was waiting for the bus! The driver escaped but both Sachin & his friend who were at the back did not escape cruel fate!
This has shaken me completely, as I still remember him calling me many times over the phone and asking me"Pradeepetta, I did a song for a serial...please listen to it".
I am just back after bidding him farewell from where his body was kept for public view in the MACTA office at Ernakulam.. He was just 34 and was married just a few months back....What a fate!
I offer my tributes to him by this song for which he played flute . The song was recorded by the "Art Of Living Foundation" for Guruji's Kerala Visit and was written & set to music by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.

57) Darsanam Sudarsanam- Lyrics & Music by Kaithapram
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Kishore Kumar Lives On!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Kishore Kumar was a rage in his times for the peppy fast numbers and slow melancholy romantic numbers alike. His voice was magnetic, romantic and full of emotion. In my Music Blog I present some of his songs that are unforgettable and enchanting even today. These are excerpts from a live "Kishore Kumar Night" show done at Palakkad, 3 years ago for the Palakkad chapter of "Swaralaya". The experience of singing only in Kishore's voice that too for a whole show was challenging and exciting!
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Vintage Mukesh!

I am posting some of the greatest hit's of Mukesh on my music blog. Hope they are a treat to Mukesh fans! They are parts of a live "Mukesh Night" that I did for the Palakkad chapter of "Swaralaya", four years back. The songs were copied from a cassette, so please bear with the quality.
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Kerala voters Become More Mature!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

People in Kerala seem to be finally opening their eyes to blind politics. They have started using their vote judiciously. The defeats of K.Muralidharan and his entire D.I.C.K team, P.K Kunhalikutty, and most of other Muslim League candidates proves that the Muslim community of Malabar who were believed to blindly cast their votes for the ladder now have started using their voting power seriously. This shows that people have started to think above political lines and do not want political chamleons and social blots as their leaders any more! No longer can fools and social evils be send to "safe bastions" to win. Enough is enough! People have rejected this mockery of power and road show of political buffoons! This victory truly is belongs to the people of Kerala. This is true political awakening!
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New Duet Song With Vidyu Posted!

Monday, May 08, 2006
Thanks to Joe, I came to know this wonderful singer from the U.S. She is a bundle of talent and energy as you will all see. We have been working on this song since a week now and the results are here to see. I am really awestruck by the versatility of Vidyu. She was telling me that Tamil was the least comfortable for her compared to Hindi and Malayalam. But see for yourselves what result she has achieved! Yes it has become so unique in her voice. This song "Nee Paathi Naan Paathi" is one of my most favorite songs from "Keladi Kanmani" . Here Illaiyaraja is in his best elements as a composer. I once again am in admiration for the team of Vidyu and her husband for spending so much of their valuable time to make this song count. Vidyu surely deserves to be singing in films. I think I am going over the bridge...So folks listen and enjoy this melodious song! We have given our best shot. Still if there is anything lacking please forgive us as it would be only because we are not the Ganagandharvan Yesudas and Uma Ramanan singing in front of the maestro Illaiyaraja! That's our excuse.
Please visit Pradip Ki Awaz Suno for the song.
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Naushad leaves the Arena

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Aawaz de kahan Hai", "Jeevan Apna Wapas le le jeevan Dene Wale, Oo Duniyake Rakhwale"! Naushad Ali is no more. The man who gave the Indian film industry the whole concept of playback singing as a passionate expression of popular angst died here Friday. He was 87. Naushad was one of the last links of an era when Hindi cinema gained momentum as a vehicle of cultural continuity. Born in Lucknow in 1919, Naushad was the first and perhaps only music composer of Hindi cinema whose name appeared before the actors of the films. Many film personalities believe Naushad was the star of the films for which he chose to compose music.
(News credit Malayala Manorama)
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Entertainment for Blood?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Trichur Pooram the mother of all poorams falls this Sunday (7.05.06). Am just back after a round of the "Swaraj Round".
It's 10.45 now. Went with my family to see all the pandals but was disappointed as except one, none of the pandals were fully finished. The terrible shock of ghastly explosion of the "vedikkettu pura" which claimed 7 lives (unofficial toll is put at 13) is still fresh in the minds of all here. The Vedikkattu has been cancelled too. The debate on whether or not to ban such firework shows continues unabated since years, but no concrete action has been initiated. All the concerned authorities shy away in face of pressure from religious fanatics. These mishaps have been going on everywhere in Kerala. But in the name of religion and entertainment, so many lives are lost every year. Do we need to enjoy ourselves sacrificing our fellowmen? Is this 21st century should we behave like cannibals of the stone age? The buildings of Trichur cannot take the pressure of these powerful explosions any more. Angry voices will surely take strength this time.
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