Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke...".A Tribute to the valiant souls who laid down their lives in the Mumbai Terror Attacks!

Am back again after another long gap of a month. In between so much has happened. Our country was attacked by terrorists and we lost so many valuable lives!
I heard this song a few years back and it moved me immensely! Since then I was waiting eagarly for the Karaoke track to appear somewhere.
I dedicate this song to those who laid down their lives for us....... the valiant souls who died for their motherland. This song conveys so much with simple words and emotion.
We will move on despite all the hurdles in front of us. We will not lose our courage and hope. Day and Night are part of our lives. This song is about life...We have to move on....

Song: Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke
Film: Dor
Original Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali
Music: Salim Sulaiman
Lyrics: Mir Ali Hasain

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BLOGSWARA V5 Released!!!

Blogswara's fifth album has been released! Listen to the songs from the Bogswara Site at
There are 14 songs involving more than 15 new artists this time and a song in Kannada language has also been included in this version.
Blogswara is an internet music community which acts as a common platform for musicians (a majority of whom are amateurs) to showcase their talent before the world by producing original music and share it over the internet. It is also a free-music movement where visitors/listeners can listen and download the mp3 files free of cost. The songs are released over the Internet and as multi-lingual albums
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