Sunday, November 16, 2008

അമ്മമഴക്കാറിനു-മാടമ്പി-യേശുദാസിന്റെ ശബ്ദഗാംഭീര്യം ഇന്നും നിറഞ്ഞു നില്ക്കുന്നു....

Some songs belong to the singers who sing them. You can never ever imagine any other singer singing such songs. "Amma Mazhakkarinu" from "Maadambi", the "Mohanlal" starer and a big hit of 2008, belongs to this category. This song demands the depth and range of a voice that's unique. And that voice can only be of Dr. K.J Yesudas! When his song plays in the Theatre, all the other singers of the film vanish into oblivion ! Such is the sheer magic his heavy, soulful voice casts over us. His is the only voice that we never get tired of listening again and again and again. It is the perfect voice! It has aged over the years, but magnificence, splendour and total command has taken over from youthful exuberance. In these times when there are screamers who can only scream their songs at high pitches, his voice still travels from the lowest of notes to the highest of notes with ease. When you do not have many singers who can sing songs of such kind which require depth of voice, the music directors cannot be blamed. After the era of open voiced singing by those who had good voices, it was the era of those with husky voices and now it has been taken over by the era of screamers who scream at high decibels! Having a "good voice" is supposed to be a negative quality today. Music directors want the "different voice" and if you can sing off pitch too, then you are in the game :) In the name of the "variety voice" the genuine good voice has been ridiculed and ignored.
Raveendran Master used to compose such songs for Yesudas. Now M. Jayachandran has tried to emulate him. Is the strong resemblance the 1st interlude of this song has, to the second interlude of the song "Gopike" from "Nandanam" just a coincidence?
Dr. K.J Yesudas has rendered this song giving every thing that it demands. It's a no doubt, a 100% singer's song which would have definitely not reached the levels it has, if some other singer would have sung it. I have tried to sing it in the best way I can, with the available track that I got.
Song: Maadambi
Music: M. Jayachandran
Original Singer: K.J Yesudas
Lyrics: Gireesh Puthencherry
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Dial up Player:

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