Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dil Aisa Kissine Mera Toda...Another Kishore Kumar Gem!

Well I would never forget this song in my whole life as it was the beginning to every amazing thing that happened afterwords in my musical career! This was the first song that I sang for "Meri Awaz Suno". I still remember that day when the hall was filled with aspirants all over from India. As I was the only one who was from the south, I was all at sea listening to the tall stories of my fellow participants about singing track for big singers like Udit Narayan, Abhijeet, Kumar Sanu...etc. All of them were already doing rounds of recording in the studios of Bollywood and here was me, a southie...who had come to beat them all and that too singing hindi! Well I was at times wondering why I had traveled the whole way on a plane to Mumbai in the first place. And then suddenly my name was called out of nowhere! As I went on to the makeshift stage, I found myself confronted by two great personalities in front of me! One was "Sanjeev Kohli", son of the legendary music director "Madan Mohan". The other was "Pamela Chopra" Yash Chopra's wife! They were the judges of the audition rounds! I somehow finished my song "Dil Aisa Kissine Mera" and after I had done with it, I was almost sure that I was going to be out in the audition round itself! The enormity of the occasion had taken its toll on my confidence and I could not even do 50% justice to what I sang. And as I had presumed, I was not selected, and had to go back to my relative's home where I was staying. Once it was over, I was free from all tension and as I was preparing my mind for the long journey by train the next day back to Kerala, the phone bell rang! "I am calling from YASHRAJ FILMS. Can I have Mr. Pradeep Somasundaram on the phone?" A sweet female voice spoke. My relative gave the phone to me. "Sir, we would like to hear your voice once more as we are yet to finalise the last person in the final 14 for the next round. Could you come over?". She said. I could not believe what I heard!
Now, I had no fear at all and thought...what do I have to lose?...let me just go there and do my best this time... "See Mr. Somasundaram...Mrs. Chopra wanted me to hear your voice again as she felt that there was something in you..that we we called you" "Mr. Kohli said. This time I sang "Dil Aisa" with my heart out! And they said "Mr. this really you? Our doubt has been justified! We thought you did not sing well last time due to tension...and see how well you did it this time! We would have lost a good contestant!". And finally I was in the final 14 as the last man at the last minute! The rest of the story and the climax is history, on how a "Manush" became "Amanush" in just 10 days of time! Strange are the ways of fate!
Song: Dil Aisa Kissine Mera
Film: Amanush
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music : Shyamal Mitra
Lyrics: Indeevar

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

കണ്ണാടിച്ചില്ലുകള്‍....ശ്രീജാ ബലരാജിന്റെ കവിതാ സമാഹാരം പ്രകാശനം!


I started off pretty early yesterday…did not want to be late for the function. As we made it to the town my driver asked me “sir should we take the Chalakkudy route (normal way to Ernakulam) or the Kodungallur route? Kodungallur route super aanu sir. Theere gutter illa. Lorry thirakkum illa. Malaysian contracter cheythathu kaaranam road naalanchu kollamaayittum oru kuzhappavum illa” I thought for a while…I had never ever used the Kodungallur route and did not want to take a risk. “We will take the normal route”. Well it seemed that I had almost sealed my fate as I reached the venue late by 45 minutes due to the heavy traffic and bad road! But luckily the function started by 5.30 and not 5.00 P.M as scheduled. It was really a big day for me too. Sreeja Baalaraj, our fellow Blogger, who is so well known in our Blogging world, was going to publish her first book “Kannadi Chillukal”!

When I finally made it to the C. Achuthan Menon Smaraka hall, the meeting had just started. I gave my camera to my friend “Bibin Das” who later told me that he was taking pictures for the first time in his entire life! Well I leave it for you to judge whether he was right by seeing the photos which I have put here! Mrs. Leela Chandran was already welcoming the guests on the dais! I saw Sreeja for the first time on the stage and she smiled at me. I occupied my seat on the stage. The meeting was presided by Mr. K.Karunakaran (Asst. Excise Commissioner). Prof. M.K Sanu officially did the “Pustaka Prakashanam” by presenting the first copy to Mr. Balachandran Chullikkad, who was a rage in our college days. I was so thrilled to be sitting behind him on stage.
After Mr. Balachandran introduced the book in his natural baritone voice, Mr. Jayakumar Chengamanad the young poet, Mr. Munnangavayal, Mr. A.K Joseph and Mr. Babu Mathew spoke. Then Mr. Kallara Gopan the famous playback singer rendered one of Sreeja’s poems beautifully! When my turn came, I spoke a few words on how I came to know Sreeja on the web, started working on songs thereafter and then sang a few lines of “Oru Venal” that we did together, and then kept the song on the CD for the audience to hear with the background music! Sreeja then delivered the vote of thanks.
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On the way back, when we reached Edapally my driver told me “Namukku Kodungallur Vazhi onnu nookkiyalo saare?” “shari…ok…I murmered” And you know what? We reached home in almost half the time that we took for our onward journey to Ernakulam! “Ini Kodungallur vazhi vannal mathi eppozhum”, I murmered to my driver. After I reached home by 11.00 P.M I gave the book to my wife who immediately started reading the poems one by one…” valare nannayittundu”…she said…”ithonnu kelkku..” she started reading a poem from the book…I had already dozed off….by then…

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Introducing Manju & Murali Menon!

I am immensely pleased to introduce the talented duo of Manju & Murali Menon to the Audio Blog world! I have been singing with Manju since the days I started performing in Orchestras! She got into playback singing and sang some melodious numbers like 'Tharanopuram' with 'Yesudas' and recently with 'Hariharan' in the song 'Hruthayaragamazha'. She also sang in 'Aaram Thamburan' and 'Deshadanam' and is the recepient of the 'Kerala State Award' for best playback singer for Drama. Both Murali and Manju are extremely gifted singers and have studied classical music in the traditional way. Both are popular faces in TV channels like Jeevan, Doordarshan and Asianet.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sawan Ka Mahina-A gem of a duet from Mukesh-Lata!

After a long gap I am back and active again in the Audio Blog world with a post. Dr. Parasmani had finished singing her part of this song long before, but unfortunately I did not get the time to finish my part. Today it's ready and here is the result! "Sawan Ka Mahina" from "Milan" is one of the best duets ever by Mukesh-Lata. Milan was also one of Sunil Dutt's unforgettable hits.

Song: Sawan Ka Mahina
Film: Milan
Singers: Mukesh & Lata Mangeshkar
Music: Lakshmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

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Friday, December 07, 2007

BLOGSWARA V 4.0 Teasers out!

Dear Friends....

Finally BLOGSWARA V4.0 the 4th edition of the Online Music Album, a collaborative effort by like minded Blogger's from all across the world goes on air (Net)..... by Dec 12th....!

Here are some of the song clips....

Song: Eri Venal (Malayalam)
Lyrics: Sreeja Balraj
Music: Praveenkrishna G
Singer: Divya S Menon

Song: Kaathirundhen (Tamil)
Lyrics, Music: Vijay S
Singer: Murali Ramanathan, Sindhuja Bhaktavatsalam
Orchestration: Ajit Gopalakrishnan
Rhythm Programming: Bharath Venkatesan
Mixing: Nandu Mahadevan

Song: The Rain (Hindi)
Vocals, Lyrics, Composition: Kamini Natarajan
Lyrics, Composition: Uma Natarajan
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming: Andrew Behla
Violin: Deepak Ramapriyan
Supporting Music: Jojo and Dean

Song: Aanakal Ompathu (Malayalam)
Lyrics: Preethy
Music: Joseph Thomas (Jo)
Orchestration: Nishanth Mani
Mixing: Nandu Mahadevan
Singer: Sreekanth

Song: Ithu Varai Enn (Tamil)
Lyrics & vocals: Ramesh Chellamani
Music: Nandu Mahadevan
Guitars: Anup Nandialath

Song: Tu Kahaan (Hindi)
Lyrics: Karthik Chandan
Music: Jay Krishnan
Singer: Shiva

Song: 20:20 (Instrumental)
Composer: Vijay


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