Friday, June 30, 2006

Pramadavanam-Tribute To Ravindran-Part-I

This is the first of a series of songs that I will be posting here as part of my tribute to one of the greatest composers of Malayalam Cinema, the late Ravindran Master. His songs range from heavy classics like, Goopaangane, Pramadavanam, Harimuraleeravam, Kalabham Tharam, Sreelavasantham, etc. to folk based songs like Manjakkiliyude, Pularepoonthoniyil, ghazals like Vidatharu, Nirangale paadu and fast numbers like Vaa vaa Manoranjini, sombre melancholy & romantic numbers like, Vishada Naugayil, Etho Nidrathan, Azhage Nin...He did every type of songs in his lifetime. He also introduced new singers like Biju Narayanan, Gayatri, Asha Menon, name a few. Some of his songs were so tough to sing that even celebrity singers avoided them at programs. He was the only one after G. Devarajan and V. Dakshinamoorthy to take maximum use of the heavenly voice & awesome range of singing colossus K.J Yesudas. This was only because Ravindran too was an awesome trained singer like Dakshinaamoorthy & Devarajan! In fact he first started his career as a singer. Then he switched on to dubbing, and later it was K.J.Yesudas who helped him to start as a music director in "Choola" his first film. "Vadakkumnathan" was his last film.
This tribute will continue till I exhaust my collection of good karaoke songs of Ravindran.
Since I have already posted some songs, I will just mention about them in between.
I begin with a terrific tongue twister "Pramadavanam" which I believe as one of the best songs of Ravindran. Be warned, it is also not for the yellow livered! I never had the guts to sing it in front of Ravindran master as did other reputed singers. This is a very very difficult song to sing and the whole of Yesudas's depth in voice, range, control, modulation, knowledge of classical music, flow of voice, flow of sangathis comes to the fore-front! This easily is the toughest song to sing composed for malayalam cinema after Kaattile Paalmulam. Harimuraleeravam stands next. But the biggest enigma of all is that when this song was there in "His Highness Abdulla" and should have easily got both Yesudas & Ravindran the National awards, M.G Sreekumar walked away with the the award for "Naadaroopini" in the same film! It still remains a mystery as do many ways of Malayalam Cinema Music.
As I mentioned earlier, this is my first attempt at "Pramadavanam" as a mark of respect to my mentor in Malayalam Cinema music. Pleae do keep in mind that what I am trying to do when singing such classical numbers is not blindly imitate the song by singing sangathi for sangathi but try to give new expressions without trying to lose the original mood of the song. As I know Ravindran master, he used to give full freedom to the singer after giving his version of sangathis. If the singer came up with a good or better expression he would keep it. So I follow his tradition. He was never rigid as some other Music Directors. Maybe that's why we have had such terrific songs rendered by Dasettan!

61) Pramadavanam Veendum-Ravindran-Yesudas-Kaithapram-His Highness Abdulla

Swati Kanitkar's new Music Blog!

Swati Kanitkar has started a new Blog. Here is the address.

She has posted some wonderful Bhajans and some old vintage Lata & Hemant Kumar songs as her intro! they are just fabulous and awesome. Please do have a look. She really is an asset to all music starved ears.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alliyambal Kadavil - An evergreen classic by K.J Yesudas!

I have wondered many times how this song became more and more popular right from the 60's through the 70's, 80's right into 2000's! It was one of the very few songs composed by the late music director "Job Master" for the film "Rosi". It is also said that this song was initially intended for another living legend Udayabhanu! But as fate would have it, he could not sing it due to some reasons, and the song went to Dasettan. This romantic number is special in that it has a western and modern touch to the orchestration and tune which makes it sound evergreen, generation after generation! It is equally appealing for the older generation and the younger generation alike. It has been on the lips of every romantic in college campuses all over Kerala since the 60's. The song is demanded by the audience again and again in musical programs, generation after generation. The song is immortal in the voice of Dr. K.J Yesudas one of the greatest and complete singers that India has produced!

This is my attempt at rendering this song.

59) Alliyambal Kadavil... -K.J Yesudas-Rosi-Job

Sunday, June 25, 2006

For S.P.B with love!

He is one of our living legends. He is forever young at heart and still going strong. He is the "sakalakalavallabhan" of Indian playback singing! Whatever he does...singing, acting, dubbing...he does with his own inimitable style and elan! He is our own S.P Balasubramaniam or fondly know as S.P.B to all his fans worldwide. His 60th birthday fell on June 4th this year, and as a humble fan of this living legend, I wish to offer my appreciation by singing this terrific song of him with all love and admiration. I had the privilege of singing track for him two times in two films.
60) Vaa Vennilaa -MELLA THIRANTHATHU KATHAVU-Vaali (Joint Effort by I.R & MSV)

Please also visit the link below for his exclusive interview. This is courtesy Murali Venkatraman

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Introducing Swati Kanitkar!

Even though Swati may already be familiar to many of the music lovers through Murali who introduced me to her, I am introducing her voice through my blog to the blog world. Her biggest asset is her sruthi perfection. I have wondered how someone could sing with such perfection. I think she will add to the other gems we have discovered on the blog world. We have tried an old Rafi-Lata number. I hope Swati starts blogging soon. She has lot of great songs on her personal page here Swati's Website
58) Jo Wada Kiya Woh- Film: Tajmahal- Music: Roshan- Singers: Rafi-Lata

Friday, June 16, 2006

Remembering Sachin Kaitharam!

Today I woke up to hear about a terrible Car accident which resulted in the tragic death of my friend & upcoming music director and talented Flute Player Sachin Kaitharam. He was travelling from Trivandrum to Ernakulam after a program of Jassie Gift. Jassie's manager was driving the Scorpio and they picked up Sachin from a bus stop where he was waiting for the bus! The driver escaped but both Sachin & his friend who were at the back did not escape cruel fate!
This has shaken me completely, as I still remember him calling me many times over the phone and asking me"Pradeepetta, I did a song for a serial...please listen to it".
I am just back after bidding him farewell from where his body was kept for public view in the MACTA office at Ernakulam.. He was just 34 and was married just a few months back....What a fate!
I offer my tributes to him by this song for which he played flute . The song was recorded by the "Art Of Living Foundation" for Guruji's Kerala Visit and was written & set to music by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.

57) Darsanam Sudarsanam- Lyrics & Music by Kaithapram

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Duet With Meera Manohar

Some singers are blessed with the ability to create magic with expressions in their singing. This ability sets the blessed apart from the ordinary. Here is such a singer! Meera is a great asset to the Music Blog World. I had the good fortune of teaming up with this amazing singer thanks to Jo....
Here we try to present an old number of I.R originally sung by K.J.Y and S. Janaki.

Meera has posted the same song on her Blog too....

56) Kannale Kaathal Kavithai-Aatma-Illaiyaraja-K.J Yesudas & S. Janaki

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Song That Will Always Remain In My Heart!

Here is a song that remains in my heart forever. This is by Maestro Illaiyaraja and was made immortal by K.J. Yesudas. I sang this yesterday.

55) Ammayendru- Mannan- Illaiyaraja- K.J Yesudas

Here is a recent photo with Dasettan when we both sang for a program in tribute to the late Ravindran Master.
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