Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Songs!

I am posting five more cover versions with the title numbers shown as below.

23) Anuraga Gaanam Pole
24) Nilave Vaa(Tamil)
25) Goopike
26) Har Ghadi(Lounge Version with Piano by William)
27) Therirangum

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Songs numbered from 16 in the play list till 22 are all songs, which I sang Track for Yesudas, S.P.B, Chitra in films like Manichitratazhu, Bheeshmacharya, Butterflies, Mazha (My last Track for Ravindran Master). Except for Mazha, all these were recorded in my pre-Meri Awaz Suno days. I proudly would like to say that these were the days of learning and unlearning. You will notice that the beauty of these songs lay in the fact that I could claim that I was the first to learn it from the music director and all these songs were born with my voice on the magnetic tape! The singers with whose voices these songs came out have done better justice since they were my idols and I learnt all the tricks of the trade from them! It was a privilege singing for them and almost all these songs were hits. My family and friends heard these songs first in my voice long before they were released. Those moments of joy were exquisite! All these were recorded in single takes and may have lot of mistakes (singing part). THESE ALL ARE ALSO UNMIXED VERSIONS SO SOME LYRICS MAY ALSO BE DIFFERENT FROM THE FINAL VERSIONS! You can also notice the "one, two, three song number one take 1" some of them! All my tensions, fears...would be evident in most of the songs...But it was fun...when I look back. These are my most treasured songs!
Also remember that all these songs were copied from audio cassettes. CD's were not the in thing in those days. I rate Aashadam and Parannu as my best tracks. When I sang Aashadam, I was more mature and experienced and had already sung many songs for Ravindran Master by then. When you sing a track, you and all those behind are aware that it's a track. So you do not get to sing it again in bits and pieces as when the real singer sings for a final mix. You get only one chance! So it's not at all perfect. A track is just a track!

**************Some interesting snippets******************

***Shivamani did the rythm section for Manichitratazhu.
***Music director Ousepachan also played violin in the ensemble for all songs in Manichitratazhu.
***Music director Ravindran suggested my name to M.G Radhakrishnan, S.P Venkitesh & Johnson for singing their tracks.
***Technically speaking My first track song was Paalnilaavile for S.P.B in
***My First recorded film song Samayam in Ezhuthachan was also my first track which I sang for Yesudas, but came out in my voice!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to My Music Blog!

As suggested by some of you, I have shifted all my songs to this Blog.I will be posting songs frequently here. Please listen and do comment upon them.Constructive criticism is very welcome as I would need that to improve upon my singing.
Happy listening!
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